Our Company:

Though our headquarters is based out of Morgantown, West Virginia, our operations span nationally. We have thousands of accredited collection locations throughout all fifty states.

We currently support the drug testing needs of hundreds of active companies. Ranging from one driver to hundreds. All across the United States.

We’ve been in business for over twenty five years. We are experts in compliance and have gained valuable knowledge through years of adaptation in the industry.

Traverse has a dedicated team of representatives, administrators, and developers. Under twenty people are able to run this company with the help of our state of the art software.

All inspections are done through LabCorp and CRL labs. These are two of the largest accredited labs which allows for streamlined features to help facilitate remote collection at at any available location.

Switching to Traverse:

Traverse’s newest feature will notify drivers when they are due for renewal on CDLs and physicals. We will also offer a feature where you can schedule out appointments for renewal right from the portal. This is just one of the steps Traverse is taking towards a full compliance suite.

Traverse’s pricing model is designed to be all inclusive, but there are one off scenarios that may require additional fees. Our typical pricing model is an all inclusive subscription based on how many DOT compliant employees you have. Different tiers of this subscription range from three dollars and fifty cents to five dollars, per driver, per month.

For example, a company with only one driver would receive a low invoice of five dollars for all of that month’s drug testing needs. We offer a forty five dollar pay per test basis for companies that need help facilitating irregular or infrequent drug-testing.

What’s unique about our system is that it trains collectors to meet all D O T requirements through short videos that are available right on the portal. Previously a person would have to attend an actual class and pay for this type of certification. Traverse, however, makes sure that this tool is included in our software.

Many other companies were in lengthy contracts that we were able to get them out of. Often your contract is just a means of locking in your price with your current provider. There is no long term commitment with Traverse. Rather, low, transparent invoices are sent each month.

Traverse is a software as a service which means it’s capable of cutting out middle-men in the drug testing industry. Previously you had to rely on multiple physical entities and jump through hoops to centralize the process. We manage everything on the backend to where your job comes down to clicks. Even for something that was as traditionally complicated as a D O T audit.

Traverse works with large companies and small operations. For example companies with only one driver enjoy being part of our consortium. Back-end management takes care of documentation and our algorithm ensures the driver is drug testing the correct amount.

Our Testing Process & Kits:

After completing the in-house collection process, you will place the specimen in the provided FedEx bag and put the prepaid shipping label on the bag. We’ve already paid for FedEx to deliver our samples. Either FedEx picks it up from your facility or you would just need to drop it of at your nearest FedEx location. This may be a FedEx mailbox, a FedEx store, or a nearby store such as Dollar General or Walgreens.

We’ll send you the first set of kits to get started. Whenever you run out, you can place an order for more on our portal. The kits themselves are extremely cheap. Alcohol test strips cost a bit more. You, however, would only be paying the cost it takes to ship the packages to you. This usually comes out to twenty dollars for a box of twenty urine kits. Alcohol strips are about four dollars each.

This is a DOT approved urine drug screen collection kit. It includes a sample collection cup, two vials, and a sealable bag. An alcohol test strip is included if you ordered one. There’s also your shipping bag and label for getting the specimen to the lab.

DOT is approving oral saliva testing but won’t be an option for compliant DOT drug testing until two accredited labs are cleared to run saliva samples. Traverse will be offering self-collect oral testing kits whenever it is fully legitimized. Traverse already works with the two labs that will soon be certified.

Our software allows as many collectors as needed to facilitate drug testing across multiple locations. A designated employee representative (DER) will be the only one with access to sensitive information. All of our data storage is 100 percent HIPAA compliant.

Our newly approved DOT self-collection program is what smaller companies are enjoying about Traverse. We provide collection kits to obtain the sample in-house and pay for the shipping to the lab where they inspect the sample. The MRO review is also paid for on our end. Essentially, with self-collection, a company like yours could avoid all extra collection, lab, and MRO fees.