DOT Self-Collect Qualification Is Easier Through Traverse


Self-collection drug testing is making the drug testing process more straightforward, accessible, and cost efficient for employers and HR professionals. This innovative approach provides a means to effortlessly maintain a safe and drug-free workplace by simplifying the collection process while upholding the DOT’s high standards of safety and professionalism expected in the employment sector. If you’re an employer or a Human Resources professional trying to navigate DOT self-collect qualification, this blog will serve as your roadmap! 

Self-Collection With Traverse

Self-collect drug testing now offers a streamlined, legally defensible, accurate, and privacy-conscious method for workplaces to efficiently maintain safety protocols. This innovative process enables individuals to collect their own samples using standardized conditions, ensuring both privacy and integrity in employee drug testing.

The self-collect process initiates when an employee is notified they have been randomly selected for drug testing via the Traverse Portal. Once the test is ready to be conducted, they are supplied with a Traverse drug testing kit. This DOT-approved kit equips them with everything needed for the test including a collection cup, two vials for sample splitting, a sealable bag, an alcohol test strip (if purchased), and the necessary shipping materials for lab submission. 

In an unobserved collection scenario, the individual will collect their sample privately in a designated restroom, before handing it over to the collector on-site. Additional materials, such as tape and gloves, are recommended to ensure the restroom is well-prepared and the handling of the specimen maintains the highest standard of hygiene and safety.

Amidst the stringent safety standards of the DOT, drug testing is more than just a policy—it’s law. Safety-sensitive workers in transportation must adhere to rigorous testing programs. For employers and HR professionals, understanding and being DOT qualified is not just an option; it’s a necessity to safeguard your operations, reputation, and most importantly, your employees.

Being DOT qualified for self-collect drug testing is a badge of honor for employers who seek to provide a safe and drug-free environment. It’s a commitment to the law, and a practical step towards reinforcing workplace culture and environment. In addition, it empowers personnel with the necessary knowledge and credentials to manage testing with precision and confidence.

The self-collect qualification process can seem daunting, but with a clear map, any employer or HR professional can successfully become DOT qualified. You no longer have to pay for an in person class that also takes up valuable time.

To start the process, a member of your organization must complete required training courses, consisting of 6 walkthrough videos about Part 40 collection procedures. 

These courses equip professionals with up-to-date knowledge needed to manage testing programs and maintain compliance in house. Once the courses are complete, professionals must demonstrate the following without error:

  • All the steps necessary to conduct a proper collection
  • How to maintain the integrity and credibility of the collection
  • How to handle problem collections (shy bladder, attempts to tamper with the test, etc.)
  • Processing information about fatal and correctable flaws in collections and collection paperwork

The little amount of time and effort needed to invest into DOT qualification reaps numerous rewards that extend beyond procedural compliance. Being qualified is your shield against non-compliance penalties. It ensures that your drug testing program aligns with all legal requirements, effectively mitigating risks associated with non-adherence. 

Qualification also instills trust and confidence in your drug testing processes; it communicates to employees and regulators that your organization takes its responsibilities seriously. Beyond compliance and credibility, self-collected tests often lead to reduced testing expenses and an easier process, all while maintaining the same level of thoroughness and accuracy.

Becoming DOT Qualified is easy to do and even easier to remain qualified. Every five (5) years each qualified collector can easily complete their refresher training through our portal.

There is no federally-maintained or federally-sponsored list that qualified collectors have to register for. However, they are required to maintain documentation of completion of their training and proficiency demonstration requirements for federal inspection. For convenience, qualified collectors can keep their documentation on file via the Traverse portal; the Traverse portal also ensures that refresher training is sufficient to maintain a collector’s qualification. 

DOT qualification serves as a testament to your commitment to employee safety, operational integrity, and legal compliance. With a trusted and diligent guide like Traverse, achieving and maintaining DOT qualification can be made simple and easy.

Whether you’re just starting your qualification process or you’re a seasoned professional looking to refresh your knowledge, always remember that the extra mile you invest in qualification today can prevent many headaches in the future. Engage in the process, enhance your skills, and enable your organization to become a pillar of safety with Traverse. It’s not just a qualification for employee drug testing —it’s a commitment to safety and professional excellence!