Ensuring Accuracy and Fairness: Medical Review Officers through Traverse


Reviewing results is an essential step in any drug testing program. A laboratory result deemed substituted, invalid, or adulterated does not automatically mean tampered specimens, nor does a positive drug test result necessarily mean that the person is an illicit drug user. To make a detailed interpretation of drug test results, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) calls for the expertise of a Medical Review Officer (MRO). 

MROs: The Gatekeepers of Drug Testing Integrity

Medical Review Officers (MROs) ensure the integrity and accuracy of drug test results. These licensed physicians, trained specifically in the science of substance use disorders and the intricate regulations surrounding drug testing, play a pivotal role in maintaining a safe, healthy, and productive work environment. MRO services are usually expensive and hard to find, but with Traverse we include these services at no extra cost.

Their expertise extends beyond mere interpretation of test results. MROs act as an impartial, knowledgeable gatekeeper, ensuring that the drug testing process adheres strictly to federal and state laws, safeguarding both the employer and the employee from certain liabilities. When a test result comes back positive, it’s the MRO who conducts a thorough review, taking into account any legitimate medical explanations–such as prescribed medications–that might influence the outcome. This meticulous approach guarantees that each test result is both accurate and fair, minimizing false positives and ensuring that every employee’s rights are protected.

MROs also offer critical guidance to employers, helping them navigate the complexities of drug testing policies and ensuring that their programs comply with legal standards. This proactive approach significantly mitigates legal risks and fortifies workplace safety, positioning employers not just as enforcers of policy, but as leaders in fostering health-oriented, productive environments. By partnering with an MRO through Traverse Care, businesses can confidently address substance abuse concerns with precision and professionalism, setting a benchmark in industry standards for safety and compliance. This solidifies the indispensable role of MROs as the cornerstones of effective drug testing programs.

MROs bring medical expertise to the table by meticulously reviewing and interpreting drug test results. This ensures that each assessment accurately reflects the individual’s status, considering any potential medical explanations for positive results. Simultaneously, Traverse Care offers cutting-edge drug screening solutions that are designed for precision, speed, and user-friendliness. When these two entities collaborate, they create a robust framework that significantly enhances the efficiency and reliability of drug screening programs. Employers benefit from a streamlined process that reduces the likelihood of false positives and ensures compliance with regulatory standards. By choosing to partner with Traverse Care and leveraging the expertise of our MROs, your organization is making a strategic investment in maintaining a safe, productive, and drug-free workplace.

Collaboration with a skilled Medical Review Officer elevates your drug screening efforts from a mandatory procedure to a strategic advantage. It’s a testament to your company’s dedication to creating a safe, productive, and legally compliant workplace. The decision to integrate the expertise of an MRO into your drug screening program is not just an investment in risk management; it’s a strategic move towards organizational excellence and a competitive edge in today’s dynamic business environment.

Act now to integrate the unparalleled expertise of Traverse Care’s Medical Review Officers into your drug screening program. Ensure the health, safety, and productivity of your workforce with an approach that is both comprehensive and compliant.

The little amount of time and effort needed to invest into DOT qualification reaps numerous rewards that extend beyond procedural compliance. Being qualified is your shield against non-compliance penalties. It ensures that your drug testing program aligns with all legal requirements, effectively mitigating risks associated with non-adherence. 

Qualification also instills trust and confidence in your drug testing processes; it communicates to employees and regulators that your organization takes its responsibilities seriously. Beyond compliance and credibility, self-collected tests often lead to reduced testing expenses and an easier process, all while maintaining the same level of thoroughness and accuracy.