Ensuring Secure Collection Sites


With our streamlined in-house drug testing process, securing the collection site is an essential step in maintaining compliance. This holds especially true for organizations regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT), where strict protocols must be followed very closely. 

Let’s explore the importance of secure drug testing, provide an overview of DOT’s site requirements, and discuss how employers can uphold these standards through Traverse Care.


The Importance of Secure Drug Testing

In industries like trucking, where most employees hold safety-sensitive positions, maintaining a drug-free workplace is essential. The job of a safety or compliance manager is to ensure that no employees in positions like these are able to bypass the employer’s drug and alcohol policy. An efficient drug testing program screens employees as often as required, minimizes any possibility of cheating, and reports results quickly and accurately. 

Historically, the collection process has been the most inefficient aspect of drug testing. Now employers have the opportunity to self-administer collections and eliminate any inefficiencies or errors involved with sending employees to a third party collector. In this scenario, the employer is now responsible for ensuring the integrity of their workplace as a collection site. Preventing tampering, fraud, and other forms of cheating used to seem like a daunting task. With Traverse Care’s guided process, however, employers can now confidently say that test results are accurate and compliant with DOT regulations.

The Role of DERs and Collectors in Ensuring Compliance

Different organizations may appoint different people such as safety officers, compliance coordinators, or human resource managers as the Designated Employee Representative or (DER) responsible for overseeing the drug and alcohol program. They are responsible for developing and/or enforcing policies that uphold the standards of regulatory agencies such as the FMCSA under the DOT. Through Traverse Care, the DER may act as a collector themselves or appoint other supervisors as collectors as long as they are not subject to the same testing requirements.

Traverse Care makes it easy to become DOT qualified for urine collections by watching training videos and performing mock collections in the portal. These videos and other DOT issued resources help DERs and collectors conduct proper inspections of the workplace collection site. This helps them take step-by-step action to identify any potential security vulnerabilities and ensures that no foreign substances are present during the collection. Additionally, Traverse helps keep DERs and collectors informed about any changes to DOT regulations, allowing them to update their policies accordingly.

Understanding DOT’s Collection Site Security Requirements

To comply with DOT regulations, collection sites must adhere to strict security measures during the drug testing process. These regulations are designed to ensure the accuracy and integrity of test results. Most of the time, the actual specimen collection into the test cup is not directly observed by the collector, however all other steps of the collection process should be monitored in the following ways:

  • Preventing unauthorized access to the collection area pre-test.
  • Verifying picture IDs to ensure the correct employee is being tested.
  • Ensuring that employees empty their pockets and removing bulky outer garments.
  • Conducting thorough inspections of the site to detect any unauthorized substances or hidden contaminants
  • Securing water sources and applying bluing agents to toilet water to prevent tampering.
  • Removing soap, disinfectants, cleaning agents, or other potential adulterants.
  • Maintaining control of the specimen after the collection to prevent any mishandling or mislabeling.

Building a Secure and Compliant Drug Testing Program with Traverse

Building a secure and compliant drug testing program requires a comprehensive approach that includes robust security protocols, regular training, and continuous monitoring. By implementing these measures through Traverse Care, organizations can ensure the integrity of their drug testing collection sites and maintain compliance with DOT regulations. Our expertise and advanced technology solutions support the development of robust security protocols while effectively streamlining the drug testing process for employers.

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