Traverse Care vs. Traditional TPAs


Keeping workplaces safe is very important for a company to succeed. Having reliable ways to test for drugs is crucial, and traditional Third-Party Administrators (TPAs) are becoming outdated and inefficient.

Different TPAs manage different aspects of workplace drug screening based on what the client company needs. Traditional TPAs often outsource different services such as software management, collection, and consortium draw. This makes them costly and inefficient. At Traverse we pair our state of the art software and our lab network to bring all of that in-house at no extra fee to our customer.

Previously, to navigate your drug testing procedure, you had to go through each of these entities:

  • An attorney/consultant that advised your company on regulations
  • A TPA or consortium service that coordinated the who, when, and where on behalf of the employer pre-test. In some cases, the TPA would organize the test results via a management system (excel sheet, binder, filing cabinet, etc.)
  • A collector, typically a local clinic that employees would report to. This may have also been a third party that would come to collect samples in-house
  • An accredited lab where the sample would get tested
  • A Medical Review Officer that reviewed and ensured accuracy of posted test results

At Traverse, our system uses AI to determine the exact amount of testing required for each quarter based on your DOT authority. We make it easy to get your specimen to the lab through either our self-collection kits or remote collection scheduled through our instant portal. The backend management AI eliminates the need for other third-party entities. We set everything up for you, take the hassle out of each drug test, and along every step of the way you have access to everything–effectively saving you time and money.

Traverse is the versatile solution that ensures your company’s DOT drug testing compliance, especially as technology advances. Regulations are always changing in the transportation industry and Traverse consortium members have access to advancements as they become available.  Traverse is aiming to be your one stop shop by managing multiple facets of compliance including: drug tests, physicals, CDLs, MVRs, and other digital reports. Traditional TPAs make more money through outdated methods that require companies to pay more. We make money by streamlining your process and helping you pay less.

At Traverse, we use the latest technology, including AI, to stay ahead in the ever-changing world of drug testing. We aim to take your company beyond just meeting the basic requirements – we want to help you set the standards that everyone else looks up to. When you choose Traverse, you’re choosing to make your drug tests easier, faster, and more cost efficient. Trust in our professional compliance team to make your workplace safer and show everyone that you really care about doing things right and keeping everyone safe.

At Traverse, we are experts in drug testing solutions. We know how important it is to keep your workplace safe and compliant. To start your journey towards a safer future contact us today!